Comment from: indy [Member] Email
indyA quick note on "services". Anything that gives you the option to install as a service, do not do this. You do not want to leave a bunch of software you are not using running all of the time. Pay attention to the install prompts.

A quick note on having a proper email account. If you do everything right and run the game, you'll see the "game tick", and it freezes, you have either a time or email problem. Check your time format in the DB. If those are okay, then it is most likely an email issue. You need a fairly standard pop3 account. Contact me by email and I have test accounts available if you do not have one.

Also, particularly janky providers actually restrict outbound email server connections. I can't help you with that, sorry, but for some reason nobody will just give me root to all of their systems and make it happen for you.

Last note for now, on the DB template, in the gFactions table, the default faction ID is "0". These need to be changed to 4, 5, and 6 respectively for the users, or emails will not be sent out properly even in testing.
08/27/11 @ 21:46
Comment from: Amber Stober [Visitor]
Amber StoberSweet! Can't wait to check it out!
08/28/11 @ 20:14
Comment from: Annie Non A Mouse [Visitor]
Annie Non A MouseAny idea when there will be some seeders?? I'm stuck at 40%.
08/30/11 @ 09:03
Comment from: indy [Member] Email
indyNext time, real emails or no answers. Site policy.

Get the new torrent attached to the post. I know for a fact it's seeding. If you still can't get it, find me on facebook and I'll give you an FTP link.
08/30/11 @ 10:34
Comment from: indy [Member] Email
indy72 hour test cycle complete, missions & respawns.

I know, I know, most people wouldn't bet any windows PC can actually be up that long... but I assure you, it is possible.

Messenger extension works pretty-okay.
08/31/11 @ 09:03
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