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indyJust food for thought, but you're overlooking relevance a little bit.

The real irony of the word "legend" to begin with, at least to me... is that it conjures up "legends of wrestling", a bunch of broken old men with no modern relevance that are just a footnotes. Go watch "The Wrestler" if you don't get what I'm saying.

and... Is Palmer a legend? Really? Why? Because he made parts and a re-arranged autococker with a non-removable barrel? Because PPS ran a Counter-Strike server?

Well, first off, the last time that guy did something interesting, I was in high school and you didn't play scenarios. Most people now wouldn't even know what it is if they saw it in person. Second, I owned a Palmer. It broke 2 hours into the first 2 events I attempted with it and was handed to Chronos for an electro-conversion (allegedly it's still on his wall). Third, I did speak to Glenn on a few occasions, and on all of them, he was a dickhead, and most recently, an apologist and excuse maker for the rapist.

I'm sorry, but how does creating and selling a product make you a "legend"? If that's really the case, why don't I know the name of the guy who invited my E-Vents? Possibly the best goggles ever designed and hugely popular.

How is it not obvious why somebody with Youtube fame would get more outpouring & concern, on the Internet, than a guy with a bad personality, obsolete product line, no real current contributions to the way many people now play or even the gear they use.

I do see one point though... at least I've heard of Palmer.... never heard of this Borg person... but maybe that just means my age is starting to show?
08/31/11 @ 08:50
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