Comment from: lonegunm4n [Visitor]
lonegunm4nI hope this Tactical game goes better than the last 3 sided game they did, Gears of War back in '07.
09/22/11 @ 11:35
Comment from: TB [Member] Email
Great post, but most people will only like this sort of thing until someone uses it against them to beat them, then they will hate on it like every other tech or innovation that has been put forward.

09/22/11 @ 21:00
Comment from: indy [Member] Email
indyLone, so do I. Adding extra sides is hard. Part of it depends on the cleverness of the players in the game. Part of it depends on an experienced, well-considered production.

Starcraft may be the case study on 3-sided scenarios. It had multiple implementation flaws from the harvesting, to the carriers, to the AA fire. All of that is fixable though, and overall, it was a pretty good game.

TB, meh, haters hate. Hell, I hate. Time for them to bump "On To The Next One" & "Death Of Auto-tune" over & over until they get the point.
09/23/11 @ 08:17
Comment from: Mike Smith [Visitor]
Mike Smithlonegunm4n, What was wrong with GoW?

Sure, it turned into the 2 "home" teams against our 1 team, but our side still won. The only thing I think we should have done different is maybe moon the other two teams at the end-of-game ceremonies.

And the more I think about it, the more I think we should have let Jud have his way with that piece of crap that assaulted his wife. I saw several potential burial sites during that game.
09/24/11 @ 03:34
Comment from: indy [Member] Email
indyBy default, most multi-sided games will feature the leader getting ganged up on.

That's a good thing.

If you're playing to compete, you get a higher difficulty level when you do really good.

If you're "just there to shoot paint", you have more people to shoot at, and significantly increased odds of your team not collapsing and being trapped in their base in a 1-sided shellacking.

The promoter wins because of the above 2 giving the chance for more paint to be shot, and that's what it is all about at the end of the day, paint sales. This is especially critical in the current economy that's $5 trillion smaller than when all these promoters & fields went into business.
09/26/11 @ 09:41
Comment from: Cayjunn [Visitor]
CayjunnActually the last Viper game I played in (or ever will play in for that matter) was a a 3-Sided game down at Petty Paintball in Bastrop, Tx back in early 2009. I enjoyed the concept and the mechanics weren't too bad, no more so than normal, from what I recall. Each side shift clockwise at the break to the next base. This did create an issue where one base was a bit easier to defend at night than the other two, but that was really the biggest issue on the scenario game play.
He did try to incorporate a 3 on 3 tourney into it where every hour or two throughout the length of the event, each commander had the option to send a 3 man team to the speedball field for a round robin tourney with the ability to wager points on the ability of your team to finish first or second.
While I this was an interesting wrinkle, the implementation of it was a bit on the gimpy side because nobody wanted to pull players off the field to send them to the tourney.
09/26/11 @ 15:45
Comment from: indy [Member] Email

Pretty much. 3 sides fixes a bit, especially on the business side... but some game mechanics, like sniper cards, are just shit, and will always be shit. At least some people are taking baby steps. Some people have pretty spiffy new ways of doing things that should of, but haven't yet, caught on to mainstream scenarios.

As to base switching, I hate it. It's a ridiculous idea. It's never written properly into story lines, or have replacement maps for the magical new place you're in.

There's only 2 real reasons for it:

1) The field is so unbalanced you have to trade sides to make it fair.

2) To prevent one side from taking the walk.

Well, on #1, that field should not have been selected. It's like CPX. Great venue. Great for fun ha-ha games. Great for poobah events. Great for competitive scenarios? No, too narrow, switching sides just means you see the choke point from the other side.

#2 is the real reason you see side changes. I'm one of the people that had to take the walk to Protoss base @ PBUSA (txr, whatever, it's still pbusa to me). I know how much it can suck... but how simple is the fix? Very simple. A tram system. I find it hard, very, very hard to believe that out of, lets say 100 paintball players, you could not come up with 1 4-wheeler and a $300 trailer to serve as a tram. That, and a driver, any one of the dozens of camp followers at every event, would be more than sufficient. In fact, if you've ever had the chance to read any rule set I've personally written, it is in plain english urging generals to supply their own tram (event will provide insurance, fair enough right?).

As to the 3man tourney, it's not a bad plan... but the fault is obviously giving people the option, and making it a wager. There's a reason the saying is "Carrots & Sticks", not just "Carrots". You have to make attendance into missions, for fixed points. To prevent 3 ringers from being recruited to just run the tournament all game, randomly require specific roleplayers there on personal missions. Ta-da! Now it's show up or lose. The irony of it all would be mouth wateringly delicious. Sending scenario players, who for years cried about those dirty, cheatin', hyper-competitive "tourney players", on a mission to play a tournament... fucking hysterical.
09/27/11 @ 09:15
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