Comment from: Rogue42 [Visitor]
Rogue42Much better show that most of the drivel on TV. Safety third!

Probably by second season they will ruin it once they run out of ideas and are being pushed by the network for tweeks and things to make show more appealing (to people withlower IQ and shorter attention span).

But the submarine almost turned out poorly for them. I know they had divers around, but that could have taken a nasty turn.
10/19/11 @ 14:40
Comment from: indy [Member] Email
indySafety third!

I hope it stays this entertaining, but I'm not holding my breath. I'll just enjoy it, and Mad Scientists, for as long as I can.

...and LOL, yeah, carbon scrubbers that emit poison gas when wet are probably not the best idea for a leaky ass submarine :)
10/19/11 @ 17:05
Comment from: Adam [Visitor]
AdamI just started watching Rocket City Rednecks. I can’t believe I was missing out! These guys do some pretty cool stuff with the most random of items. The surveillance system looks pretty fun. Could be a great way to get some pretty interesting shots of the neighborhood or the lake. I hope this show can stay fresh and keep coming up with ideas. I would like to see it around for a while. I just found out that Directv subscribers might be missing out on Rocket City Rednecks starting on November 1st. I am happy I have DISH Network for my TV provider/employer. Last year they signed a long term agreement with the owners of the National Geographic channel.
10/27/11 @ 21:41
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