Comment from: ^Hawk^ [Member] Email
^Hawk^Really? Really? What the fuck ever!

02/22/12 @ 17:30
Comment from: Mike Smith [Visitor]
Mike SmithTB, you are wrong about Rob Tyger Rubin.

I've played quite a few games with him and he is not a wannabee, he is the real deal. He's been there and done that throughout the Midwest and has traveled across the US. He's decent at on-field leadership, being able to assess a situation and come up with a winning solution, and can sneak around behind people and happily shoot them in the back. He's a player.

He's not on your level, but that list is rather short.
02/23/12 @ 04:41
Comment from: Kiwi [Visitor]
KiwiWow. Who is this woman? A quick google search brings up a single marketing paragraph about her.

I've been playing paintball since the days we used pump pistols, and ski goggles (no masks), yet no one knows me. And I'm just fine with that. I don't need the admirations and adorations of peons to stoke my ego.

This is just a job opportunity to her. Nothing more. And a great marketing opportunity to the fields involved with her.

Good luck with the 'show respect' or whatever it is. Anyone whos been to any kind of major sports tournament involving hundreds of players, knows that it doesn't matter what you say, do, profess to [insert diety here], or dance on a table - there are ALWAYS jackasses who take pleasure from fucking shit up in some way or another. Its pure human nature that can't be cured. So go ahead and shield your kids away from the real world. Or you could teach them how to deal with these people and grow to be a better person.
02/23/12 @ 08:21
Comment from: Millslane [Visitor]
MillslaneI have agree with Mike Smith on Rob as well. He's not the average celeb-wanna-be player like most of them. Rob played with Rob many times, he's got player skills and as Mike said some leadership skills and understanding when it comes to big games/scenario. As Mike said, not your level, but I don't have any reason to believe that he would flop as a General a most do.
02/23/12 @ 10:43
Comment from: indy [Member] Email
indyWe're going to find out who's on what level real soon.
02/23/12 @ 10:54
Comment from: TB [Member] Email
You say that now about Tyger, but the truth is you wouldn't know him if not for his off field antics. He founded his Web Dog Radio and came to be known because of that more than any games he played on the field. And his 'celebrity' is more than just a paintball player. I mean trust me, I know Rob personally, and he is a good guy and a decent paintball player but so good as to be as 'famous' as he is. Not to me, you guys can agree to disagree but just because you like the guy doesn't change the fact that without his webdog radio and dressing up like animals while he plays paintball and now his youtube channel, what else is he really known for? Can you name a game where he took charge and really made an IMPACT on the game? Not as a poobah just as a normal player? I mean I know Special Ops dressed him all up as a guest instructor, but I mean name a game.

The truth is that there are some who sent me emails saying the same thing about Golden Girl. She is a good player, she has leadership and she is now traveling. But it doesn't change the fact that she is more known as Golden Girl the marketing face rather than the player. And Tyger is the same way, or did you guys forget how he got his call sign.

Or maybe even;

From his own resume:

I wish to find employment as a full-time paintball writer, or to be a sponsored paintball player for a paintball company, manufacturer, or retail outlet.

And finally, Mike you were at this game. Other than dressing up like a animal, what exactly did Rob do to get a mention in the article as a player?

I'm just saying!
02/23/12 @ 12:30
Comment from: Mike Smith [Visitor]
Mike SmithDuring Shatner I there were numerous times when he was leading the charge. It is what he is good at.

I "met" him through, back in the mid 90's. I got an invite to Paintball Sam's big game in Racine WI. He was playing in his deer suit and we (about 60+ players) were stuck just outside the barrel field. He decide it was time to charge the white team, so he took off, yelling for everyone to follow. We did. What the hell, we wanted to see a deer take the barrel field... He did. We stopped advancing when we reached the other team's fort. That was all Tyger's doing. He motivated a bunch of players to get off our butts and attack. This is his style of playing paintball.

He pushed several players to form a team of all pump guns and go to the indoor pro tournament in Toronto, and yes, they actually won a game. He was one of the people that started Team Internet. That got me started traveling around the country for paintball games. (Yes, I still have my TIP patch) One thing Team Internet did at the Paintball Sam's games was to switch sides after the second or third game, so we could win a game or two on the other side. (big rec game, so no big deal) We did that every year, and had a blast doing it.

But the primary thing about Tyger is he gets out there and has fun. He & I have a similar view of "fun". Our side wins and we have fun doing it. FYI, we both have a slightly warped sense of "fun".
02/23/12 @ 15:56
Comment from: TB [Member] Email
Ah but Mike who won that game for Shatner? You do remember that story right? I never said the man didn't play, I said the man was never 'known' outside of his little region as a player nor has he ever done anything in the game but write, complain about some crazy stuff and produce videos. I mean, he was TechPB before TechPB was cool.

Sorry you feel that way Mike, I never took you for a beat them till they bleed sort but never thought you subscribed to Rob's Happy Happy Feelgood way of playing.
02/23/12 @ 18:29
Comment from: Mike Smith [Visitor]
Mike SmithHello TB, read everything I wrote. Winning is fun, not winning is NOT fun.

And everyone knows who won Shatnerball. There was never any doubt who was the tactical leader. All I'm saying is Tyger is NOT how you originally painted him, and he is not a happy happy feel good player.

In fact, he would have made a good Texan (would have = him hitting 40 on May 3 = over the hill), if he had been raised down here.

And he can whine with the best of them... If you and he got in a whining contest, he would definitely win.
02/23/12 @ 20:14
Comment from: Dirtdiver [Visitor]
DirtdiverI agree totally with you TB, I am glad someone has finally came out and said it. Two Thumbs Up!
02/23/12 @ 20:33
Comment from: Baroness [Visitor]
BaronessExcellent Write Up...
02/24/12 @ 07:15
Comment from: indy [Member] Email
indyThe "Respecting Paintball Pledge" is a really good laugh.
02/24/12 @ 09:14
Comment from: Spectre [Visitor]
SpectreI have to disagree, not with the personal opinions you have of people but the precedent you set in your analysis. What does it take to be famous? I've played paintball since 1989 at Pursuit Paintball in Orlando. I've played all over the world at one time or another and played in PSP and NPPL. I now play scenario games mostly and ref for all the PSP events. I would guess that almost any upper division player in PSP would recognize be, but have no idea who I am. Those who do know I have "Street Cred" as you mention it because I am completely non-biased when I ref and when I was playing PSP/NPPL I could hold my own with most players I came across. You imply that to be famous you have to a a straight up baller, able to lead a team, pull off amazing moves, or be the reason a team won the event. This is wrong on your part. It takes many type of people to make a team and even more to make a sport work. Some people will be good at promotions and marketing, but not have the skills to be a threat on the field, other will be killers on the field, but not have a clue how to interact well with those outside their small circles, there are owners, refs, distributors, artists, engineers, manufacturers, etc. All these people can be "famous" in their own right and may never step foot on a paintball field as a player. I don't think Tina is famous for her paintball skills, I think her fame is derived from her ability to market her brand. What others think of her, and her ability to play, is there fabrication not hers. It sound to me like your jealous that you don't have the same exposure and brand recognition she has after a short time promoting it.

PS, Love you Baroness, but this type of discord is bad for the industry as a whole. Personal problems with people are fine, but publicly displaying things like this do nothing to help and only makes us all look like a bunch of kids.
02/24/12 @ 09:22
Comment from: TB [Member] Email
You really think this is jealousy on my part? You must not know me........ then again I quit promoting a brand quite a bit ago.

I didn't imply anything, I thought I pretty much called it out. Let me sum up; Don't expect me to respect you as a player when all you promote yourself as is someone wanting their 15 minutes of fame.
02/24/12 @ 12:50
Comment from: Knight68cal [Visitor]
Knight68calYou're not a chuvenist, it's just that you are realizing that the game has moved on without you. You complain about Tina (who's a great person btw), Tiger, and everyone else. Yet all your memories about paintball are almost 10 years old. Shatnerball? This is going to be the legacy of the mighty "Henry Laurence TB Wright", a bunch of decade old stories and bitching and whining about anything everything in paintball? You are like the Jose Conseco of paintball, no one can stand you. Lawrence I really hope you are happy with where you currently are at in paintball. Some career you've had huh?
02/25/12 @ 22:29
Comment from: jason [Visitor]
jasonDefine famous. I know people who could care less about basketball, but they know who Michael Jordan is. They know him from his Nike commercials and that is it. They don't know that he was a basketball player who retired to play baseball, then came out of retirement. What about Brett Favre? I know people who could care less about football, but they know that Favre has retired more times that they change their socks.

How many of the backyard ballers know of anyone who is even remotely considered a mover and shaker in the sport? Also how many regular walk-on players know about the paintball celebrities?

I have been playing for just over ten years now, mostly at one field, and if it wasn't for various forums I would not know about some of the biggest movers and shakers in the industry. If it wasn't for some drama going on at one of the forums a few years back I wouldn't even know who you or your team were.

My point really is you can say you are famous, and you can say someone else is famous. The real question is how famous are they? Just remember most famous people are probably only known locally until they get a big break or they are absolute nobodies until they get a shot to get their name out there.
02/26/12 @ 09:25
Comment from: jason [Visitor]
jasonOne thing has been itching my brain since this whole thing broke out. What made you the big name you think you are? Were you not at one point someone who mainly played at the local field?

The way I see it everyone is out to promote something. If you are going to go after a couple people for promoting themselves and their type of game you may want to look in a mirror. You are promoting your brand of paintball with the content of this site and by your appearance at any events you attend.

When Joe Snuffy attends an event outside of his local field he is promoting himself and his style of play. Now he may or may not get noticed by a notable member of the industry. If he does he might make it big and become "famous". If he doesn't he will still keep playing the way he does just to enjoy the game.

How about if John Sniffy only plays at his local field because he is unable to play elsewhere due to work or lack there of? Now his home field happens to be one that hosts big time events that bring in people from all over. Someone who has a recognizable name in the industry likes the way Joe plays. Mr Known then talks to Mr Sniffy and gets to know him. The industry hot-shot then asks Sniffles to become the face of a paintball movement designed to get more players into the sport by creating positive role models. Sniffy agrees to it because if it wasn't for that stand up veteran player ten years ago he wouldn't even be there to talk to Mr Known.

So which one are you TB? Are you the Joe Snuffy that traveled and got his name out there or are you the John Sniffy that got approached at his home field?
02/26/12 @ 19:10
Comment from: TB [Member] Email
I am neither, I have never had a home field nor a home area. I have played all over the country. 180+ scenario games in 12 years. Just some of the states; MO, OK, NV, AZ, CA, OR, CO, GA, FL, SC, NC, VA, PA, NY, NJ, IN, IL, TX and a few others. I was the guy who traveled and played 24 hour game after 24 hour game. I have commanded quite a few games with a 25-2 record. How I am known these days by anyone who has played anywhere in the last 3 years of any substance is my website I am sad to say. That is because of people who don't want people 'exposed' to me or who cannot control me. See, I tend to speak my mind and well it does get me in trouble. As for promoting, the only agenda I promote is the opposite one of the popular kids. Call it my inane lack of respect for authority or sheeple or my old favorite, Glue Eaters.

I was on the first scenario team to be fully sponsored by AGD for no reason other than playing the game. No poohbah, no dick sucking, no rebates, just pure game play. We were fully sponsored by Smart Parts for the same reason. Again, it was playing style. Ask some of the people who aren't afraid of the truth, who aren't afraid of the positive pundits and their holy crusades. ;)

It's all good, I love people who attempts to slap me back into line with I don't know you, you aren't anybody either. Trust me gents, I am more known then you think. Maybe not by the newbies, but hey we can't curb stomp on everyone right out of the gate can we?
02/27/12 @ 01:44
Comment from: NomaD [Visitor]
NomaDYou know TB, you remind me of those old soldiers that rely on their past accolades and think the world owes them something today. Instead of whining about people trying to promote the sport, what has TB actually done for the sport as a whole in say, the last year ?

I realize you are entitled to your opinion and I agree with you about 50% of some of the stuff you say, but the only thing I have heard in the industry people I know is "TB is a great player, if he could just control his mouth he would be an awesome player". I also realize this is your lil part of the world on the world wide web and you are free to express yourself in way you want and that has never been questioned by me, but what I get from most of the articles is "Poor me, I didn't do anything but write an opinion and now everyone hates me". Suck it up soldier, you reap what you sow.

Btw, I'm a former Marine myself, saw action in Panama and Desert Shield/Storm as an 0311 and have played the game (maybe not on your level) since the mid 80's but I'm a player, no agenda seeking wannabe out to change the sport. I like it just how it is.
03/09/12 @ 14:38
Comment from: TB [Member] Email
Well Nomad, first let me say oorah Devil Dog, thanks for your service. Now let me answer some of your questions.

I haven't done anything for the sport, I don't have to. See I could ask you what you have done, but well you play. I will freely admit, I haven't played that much in the last two years. And that is directly related to really learning what makes this game run and the people behind the scenes. The truth is much nastier than you can think of. But I left my industry roots, some time ago. Would you like me to be Greg Hastings, running around screaming I am NJ Ninja? Yet he has told people that most scenario people are a joke and he runs rings around them on the field. Or would you rather me be one of those media types running around talking about how much I know or posting up youtube videos? But reality to me is this, I really don't care what you want for me. That isn't meant to be nasty, it is I have a right to be whatever I want to be. I do not cheat and that should be enough for 90% of the players and for the people who really don't buy into all the hype that I or anyone else puts out there, that is all I am.

Too many people think this is my own way of being famous. But my infamy far outdates this webpage. This page came along as a way to beat the censorship of the forums and to say what I wanted to say. Quite a few people read it as they feel the same way. The simple fact is that you like them are masked in your cloak of anonymity, I do not have that luxury. I own what I say, 100% and as I cannot nor will I be all things to all people, then to my ownself will I stay true. People that know me, know that this is the way I talk. I talk like I write, and that is why it is so inflammatory. And I control my mouth very carefully, see people think I just wade into something half cocked. But I did a ton of research on anyone I take on in my blog, even more so the popular kids. I know more dirt on these people then they think, but you don't see me posting that. This isn't the National Enquirer but I do speak what a lot of people think. Even you, 50% of the time, but again most people will not voice. I simply put it out there that they are not alone. I have been getting emails for 6 months on Golden Girl, even crap that she said about me in passing as people mentioned me to them while talking themselves up.

And if the message you took from my blogs is poor me, it is more don't fall for the shit that I did. And to out the bullshit that people do to gain influence and change things up all the while pointing the finger at me as what not to be. I am sorry that you feel that way, but trust me when I say I have nothing but hate and disdain for some of these people and I wouldn't trade my opinions for any sponsorship, ability to play games or fields or friendship out there. I have never made ANYONE choose my side, I have never asked ANYONE to defend me and I never will. I stand alone, except for those who come out of the limelight and stand with me for as long as they can weather the shitstorm that the pillars of the community put out there.

But if you dan't want the sport to change, don't you have to do something about it? Sorry just channeling the 'each one, teach one' mantra that Mother invented and others are attempting to bring back. Social engineering did't work in the mid 2000's and I don't see it working now.

And how do I think the world owes me anything? Do I post this on forums? Do I post these on other blogs? Is there WOTB advertising or tshirts or contests? Nope, just a blog. What does the world owe me? Or how am I thinking that by posting here in my world. It would be akin to you speaking in your house and me telling you that you are expecting the world to give you something for that.

I have only been playing since 1999, and my agenda is simple. Calling a spade a spade and exposing the bullshit that these people peddle. That isn't bad for the sport, if it is bad and they don't want people to fucking know then they shouldn't fucking do it. Just saying! Have a great weekend!
03/09/12 @ 14:58
Comment from: Mike Smith [Visitor]
Mike SmithNomaD:
TB's mouth is a part of his game. Besides being a good tactician, he is also very good at Psych-ops. If he can convince you that you have NO chance of winning the game, before the game actually starts, he'll do it. If he can hurt you within the first 5 minutes of the game, he will talk about that the rest of the game to demoralize you and your team. He is who he is. He has a strong passion for winning.
03/09/12 @ 15:02
Comment from: NomaD [Visitor]
NomaD@Mike Smith I have formed my own opinion of TB and he is aggressive (as is a lot of other players I have met) and likes to win, I for one, don't have a problem with his playing style. Psychological warfare is as just an aspect of this game as much as bunkering is. That isn't an issue to me either. It's mostly the personal attacks on others. I agree with him on the Respecting Paintball topic, as I play stand up ball as well and don't need anyone to tell me how to play or who to play with, I have been doing it for a long time. It's like having a cheat sheet for a test that I would have aced without it.

@TB, I have heard of your playing style, your pushing the envelope and other things but never heard of you as a cheater, of the people I talked too, all of them said your biggest issue was the aggression/mouth. I also understand the basis for your blog as you have been banned by most of the "popular" forums and understand you wanting to be heard. I agree with some of your rants and topics. And my "cloak of anonymity" is what it is, I am just a player with an opinion like you. I have no legal/financial ties to the industry, just friends in the industry that enlighten me on the industry happenings from time to time. To you, I am a nobody and thats cool by me. Do I wanna run with Thunderstruck, nope, I wanna play against them and maybe learn something to make me a better player in the long run.

I realize you are who are and nothing anyone here or anywhere is going to affect you as they are just words. Others in this industry aren't as thick skinned and feel the need to lash out to gain there self respect back. Pfft, eff em, I could care less.

As for what your owed, I don't know, I guess that is the 15,000 dollar question to which only you can answer.

As for the spade is the spade and exposing the BS of industry, I take it tongue in cheek considering the source. I am not saying your wrong or right, but your reputation precedes you as a bitter person in this sport and the mere mention of your name raises hairs on peoples necks, not in fear, but in the same hate you speak of here. I was taught there is always three sides of the story, two opinions and the truth. By all means TB, don't change it makes for some entertaining reading at times.

As for the Marine Corps props, same to ya Brother, Semper Fi. You will always have my respect on that.

03/09/12 @ 17:33
Comment from: Oblivion [Visitor] Email
OblivionGreat post. I have a few ideas Im going to work on, that you have brought to my attention. Thank you TB.
"When you cant stop it, Overcome it."
you'll be hearing from me real soon.
04/17/12 @ 21:14
Comment from: alisa [Visitor]
alisaCan’t say I’ve heard of her, probably not a big name this side of the Atlantic, sad to hear that some individuals in the sport are looking for marketing hype! Cool blog though.
03/04/14 @ 01:36
« Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak or how to piss off the 'creator' of the sport.Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results or TB has to reset yet another Punk Ass Bitch. »