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^Hawk^Fuck Bob Gurnsey, I don't owe him shit either. Trust me, if him and his buddies hadn't shot each other with paint markers, some other back woods hillbilly would have, and we'd still be playing paintball.

02/26/12 @ 18:34
Comment from: Milllsane [Visitor]
MilllsaneI have no previous knowledge of Bob or Tina before any of this. After reading some of the comments from the other side on Facebook, I have to say, They are just as condemning towards someone who has an opposing view from them. What's that view? Playing to Win. It's pretty easy to put 2 and 2 together when the perceived theme is that "playing to win at all costs" is bad for paintball, but it’s OK for other sports? I guess they won't like me, just because I play hard, I play to win. I’m bad for the sport, even though I’ve been directly involved in bringing new players to this sport and bring rec teams and turned them into scenario teams who have stuck around because they enjoyed my “play to win” style. Paintball is not just a social gathering.

For me, I am pretty sure TB, and many more of us, fun is winning and winning is fun. That's just how it is for us. I am an athlete of many sports and I have NEVER played a single one of them for the sole reason of having fun. I play to win, why else would I put in that much effort? Do I always win? No. Do I not have fun in the games I lose? No, I had fun, but disappointed. I ENJOY winning, not losing. Scenario paintball is very different from other mainstream recreational sports because it takes A LOT more time and effort to win a Scenario game. And I have to tell you, I spend most of the time at a Scenario game, not having that much of fun. It’s hard work and I find my fun in that hard work paying off with a big ol' win. I'm tired, hot, hungry, thirsty. I want to sit down, take a break. I want to eat a Hot Dog or 4...But I don't stop, I keep going...because I want to win. While other teams are going out to dinner and skipping night play, I'm throwing back some Tylenol, shoveling some food and drink and giving myself a pep talk to keep going long and hard. And my hard work and desire to win gets bashed by people who claim to be better? My team and I take pride in knowing that we are always on the field before the banger, not matter what time it is. Noon, 7pm. 9am, doesn't matter. I'm there and sometimes there's just us, sometimes there's just 4,5 there, but one is always me. I am there to compete, I am there to win. Why? Somebody has to do it.

If you can have fun just being there then good for you. But please don't belittle my style, my competitive side for playing to win. Some of us are competitors and I don't view Paintball any different than anything else I play or have played, either as part of an organized team in High School and College sports or afterwards on recreational team sports.

Not all of us who play to win share all of TB's opinions. On these latest's blogs, I personally don't care how a person gets "known". But those who apparently think I’m bad for paintball because I play to win, don't take my sport and say the only way to way to promote the sport is though some happy go lucky feeling, good ol' time. That isn't the half of it. Players respond to plenty of other things and if the paintball that I was exposed to the "where just here to have a good time" brand, I would have quit a long time ago. There are more people like me than there are like them, trust me. Most people don’t invest this much money and this much time, just to have a social party. That’s nonsense.
02/26/12 @ 21:15
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^Hawk^Well said Millslane, very well said!
02/26/12 @ 22:30
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^Hawk^Oh and to translate Bob and his tit sucking friends whining..."Mean People Suck!"
02/26/12 @ 22:39
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