Comment from: indy [Member] Email
indy"I got you banned from 2 fields you've never heard of, don't run games worth playing, and you didn't even know existed! TAKE THAT TB!"

You've officially ascended to another level. Now you're getting banned without even having to smash the locals.
02/28/12 @ 09:38
Comment from: Kiwi [Visitor]
KiwiFirst my disclaimer in case I get banned from fields I've never heard of... lawlz..

I don't always agree with TB. And I gots nothing against this Tina woman. These are trying economic times and she needs a job just like the rest of us.

I find it HIGHLY IRONIC that the same people primping and posting about "Respect Paintball" are the ones proving the point of my post from a couple of days ago:

Good luck with the 'show respect' or whatever it is. Anyone whos been to any kind of major sports tournament involving hundreds of players, knows that it doesn't matter what you say, do, profess to [insert diety here], or dance on a table - there are ALWAYS jackasses who take pleasure from fucking shit up in some way or another. Its pure human nature that can't be cured.

Hilarious. And I bet they don't even recognise it.

02/28/12 @ 11:47
Comment from: Cayjunn [Visitor]
   [awr-wel-ee-uhn] Show IPA

of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or resembling the literary work of George Orwell or the totalitarian future described in his antiutopian novel 1984 (1949).

Let me get this straight...

Bob "I'm a conformist jack-wagon" Gurnsey is trying to get someone blacklisted FROM THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY OF PAINTBALL.

Wow I bet somewhere in hell, Joe McCarthey and J Edgar are having celebratory sex over that idea.

What did this person do to warrant such extreme prejudice being taken against him?

Did he get caught cheating?
Did he get multiple judge punches at multiple events?
Did he initiate physical altercations?
Did he send porn to minors?
Did he steal?
Is he a convicted felon?
Is he a sex offender?
Did he orchestrate backdoor deals to break up teams because they were too "good" and alter the competitive landscape of paintball?

Then what, you might ask, has this person done to piss off the mighty Bob "I don't like your haircut so you're blackballed" Gurnsey?

He spoke his mind openly and freely.

And Bob "I only like vanilla ice cream" Gurnsey didn't like what he had to say.

Here's the rub, paintball is much like America. It's a melting pot of differing opinions, styles, personalities, ideas, ideologies, and characters. There is absolutely no reason other than greed, personal agendas, and pride that we can't all walk away from the same game having had a good experience even with vastly different approaches to it. No one from our side is asking you to compromise or change your style of play to fit ours. Yet you demand that we change our style of play to fit yours.

Like America, there are people that you will encounter on a daily basis that you disagree with and who will have differing and sometimes negative opinions toward you. So long as they play by the established rules then they are allowed to be a part of society. Such is the same in paintball.

Like America, if you find someone whom you don't agree with, you can't just fucking DEPORT THEM because of it. It's understood that you will have to learn to live with them or ignore them, but you don't just get to kick them out of the ENTIRE INDUSTRY.

Like America today, you don't get to crusade to remake the entire landscape in your image. It NEVER works out for the benefit of the masses. Just ask Soviets circa 1939, Germany, circa 1945; America circa 1955, Iran circa 1979. Once you start down the slippery slope of conformism, its hard to jump off. What makes you think you have the monopoly on whats good and right in the world? There's always room for somebody else's opinion.

Finally, like America, YOU DON'T OWN PAINTBALL. It's not yours to say who can or who can't stay just because you are not mature enough to realize that there are always going to be people that will agree with the position that TB is coming from, just as there will always be people who will agree with your position. That's life. Not everyone wins all the time, not every agreess all the time, there are curmudgeons in this world, and its quite possible they are okay with that.

Paintball is a diverse, exciting sport, that has many faces. I am the face of it, you are the face of it, TB is the face of it, hopefully one day my three kids will be the face of it. If you don't like the way it looks...

Then you must not like America.

02/28/12 @ 17:13
Comment from: jason [Visitor]
jasonCan't we all just get a bong and go our separate ways?

On a serious note, I don't see an issue with someone voicing their opinion. I also don't have a problem with difference of opinion. What I do have a problem with is hypocrisy. What use is it to say you will do something or stand for something when you go the opposite way when confronted or threatened?

After watching things the last couple days I can tell you won't back down. The real question is how long can a house divided stand before it is repaired or demolished?
02/28/12 @ 19:28
Comment from: TB [Member] Email
Well Jason, the house has been divided since 1984 (which is when the Perlmutters started PMI since BOB wanted to copyright paintball and push everyone into his antiquated pricing model.

Paintball has survived for years with infighting, back stabbing and more. In fact what most don't realize is that I let a lot go for over 2 years. It is time the people who are out there claiming to be the example are tested to see if they can walk the walk to their talk. So far, none of them have.

I am sure you will see more over the next few days, it seems that most people only have good sportsmanship when everyone else does.

As for Jeb and his comments about me being banned, I have come right out here and said why I was banned. For the same reasons BOB is after me, for speaking my mind here.

Banned From:
Viper - He was done with me attacking his competitors and tried to destroy me and my team for speaking against him.
Living Legends - banned from the event since Viper runs the game.
MPP games - Banned by Ben for attacking his shutting down a Fort Benning MOUT game by sending negative letters about the promoter to the military and me talking about it on my blog.
Tactical Paintball - Banned for speaking out here about the deplorable conditions at the field and reffing staff and the fact that a male picked up a female member of my team by the throat and he wasn't expelled from the field.

That is the only fields/promoters I am aware I am banned from. If there are others, no one has told me.
02/28/12 @ 23:21
Comment from: NomaD [Visitor]
NomaDBeen awhile since I responded to anything TB has written mainly because I forgot about this site, lol. But I agree with you TB and you said it best "everyone advocates freedom of speech until they disagree with what you say".

I don't always agree with what you say, but I don't bitch about it or talk shit behind your back because of it, but I do respect you for taking a stand. Most of these people don't know you or your paintball career and until this year.

I had no clue who Tina Ruzzo was and I live in Fl. If she cant handle a little criticism then how can she be a writer covering anything other then her opinion ? To promote anything you have to see the good and the bad from a neutral standpoint and go from there. If your just promoting the good, your a half ass hack doing a half ass job.

As for Bob Gurnsey, I realize he started the ball rolling for our great sport, but forget scenario, what has he done for paintball in the last 20 years as a whole. Last thing I read is he was suffering from cancer on PBNation. Ok, lots of people are suffering, what does that have to do with paintball today. He may have some industry friends still in the business, but who cares, he is a nobody today. Quit living in the past Bob, do something significant for the sport and i'll re-tract my post. Starting shit after being out of the sport for 20 years isn't exactly positive paintball for anyone.

If you don't like TB, fine, he is not my friend, nor do I know him personally, but he has just as much right to say what he wants, when he wants and how he wants, just as you do. But if you attack him personally, vocal/web/or face to face don't expect the fallacy that everyone's a doormat, and will agree with you.
02/29/12 @ 13:36
Comment from: Egon [Visitor]
Egonya know, TB, I don't always agree with what you have to say.

in this case, though? I tend to think you're right. honestly? the name Bob Gurnsey didn't mean a thing to me till I found out who he was via PBN's charity event for him. Tina means little more to me than any of the other of the scads of females getting into the sport's center stage for few other reasons than they're female- which is galling, considering some of the best ballers I know are female, but because they focus more on, ya know, PLAYING PAINTBALL, they don't have 1 1/1000th of the recognition.

oh well. I can tell ya, even if I disagree with you, you're always going to be welcome to play at the outlaw games I find. Because up theirs. You're a baller. they're not. and the dude who shoots paint with me means a lot more to me than the people who want to change what I love to do without being involved in it.

03/02/12 @ 01:15
Comment from: Payroll [Visitor]
PayrollI haven't gotten any emails or phone calls yet.
03/03/12 @ 22:51
Comment from: radical [Visitor]
Good Lord, If you were as bad for the sport as it has been implied , it should have been legislated out of existence by now.
I don't agree with some of what you write but you do have the right to write what you think.
I played games on your side and against you. Never seemed to matter on my level of fun... Now mind you I would rather be on your side than against you because y'all seemed more organized than most teams but if I was not on your side it never was the end of the world for me and mine.
03/04/12 @ 00:08
Comment from: Ty Augustine [Visitor]
Ty AugustineThis is laughable. Cayjunn broke it down nuts and bolts style. These people have no cause to blacklist you from an industry other than "they're mad and going home with their toys".

I can't believe the get rid of TB train still has steam. Amazing what people can accomplish with wasted energy innit?..
05/21/12 @ 09:53
Comment from: RepomanGene [Visitor]
RepomanGeneI loved playing for/against TB...but those days are LONG GONE imho, in just a few short years senario ball has flipped over and is nothing more than Big game with a loose theme.

Players cannot even handle a simple Medic rule without wanting to fight you in the parking lot. ( @ 47 I am still down for that FYI you crybabies)

GOD DAMN!! I wanted to play a 100 vs 100 TB vs Hawk invite only game with 6 part missions and insane props.
05/28/12 @ 15:16
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